Dayan Gas International trading co.

Tehran, 1998643599, Iran

Tel: +98 2122 070718

Dayan Gas International trading co.

Dayan Gas Co. is member of Dayan Chemical Group. Dayan Gas is supplier and producer of cylinders, CNG tanks, industrial gases, pure gases, gas mixture, liquid gases, refrigerant gases and regulators. 

Dayan gas Co. is a private company which imports & exports industrial gases and related equipment. 


  • Pure Gas
    He,N2,O2,H2, Ar,CO2, CO, C2H2, CH4,C2H2,N2O,H2S,SO2
  • Gas Mixture
    Calibration, Laser &Standard Gas Mix

Industrial gas cylinder and CNG tanks
Industrial and medical gas cylinder.
CNG cylinder for natural gas vehicles.
CNG stationary cylinder.
HP firefighting cylinders. 

  • Liquid Gases 
Business Details
  • Unit 14 , Tiraje building , behzad St,
  • Kaj square
  • Saadat abd
  • Tehran, 1998643599
  • Iran