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                        Messer SE & Co. KGaA (Head Office)

                        Messer is the world’s largest privately held specialist for industrial, medical and specialty gases. Messer’s Gases for Life are used in industry, environmental protection, medicine, the food industry, welding and cutting technology, 3D printing, construction, research and science. As a global player, Messer offers its ...

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                        AccuSpan (formerly AG Gases and Equipment Ltd)

                        Operating globally, our UK-based company specializes in providing high-quality, gravimetrically produced calibration gas mixtures adhering to ISO 6142, alongside high-purity gases and pressure control equipment for precise gas analysis and detection needs. ...

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                        Ferus Inc

                        Ferus Inc is a vertically integrated North American producer and distributor of liquid carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen. Ferus provides gas, transportation, and storage solutions to clients throughout North America. ...

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