RealGaz LLC

New Ramana, Baku, AZ1128, Azerbaijan

Tel: (+994)12 480 46 10/11

RealGaz LLC

RealGaz operating on the gas sales market of Azerbaijan since 2003 year. Sales and services of industrial, technical, medical and specialty gases, as well as gas mixtures. Accredited laboratory for the analysis of all gases, which we produce at our plant and have for sale. With a higher capacity production and integrated sales network, prompt delivery to any location in Azerbaijan,  Georgia and Central Asia. 

Hydraulic testing of gas cylinders for safety with delivery certificate. RealGaz has implemented the best international standards in its work to guarantee the best quality of products and services. RealGaz enjoys a reputation for high quality products and services provided. 

  • Industrial Gas             
  • Specialty Gas 
  • Gas Mixture 
  • Liquid Gas 
  • Gas Accessories 
  • Hydrostatic Test 
  • Refrigerants 
  • Gas Racks 
  • Steel Seamless Gas Cylinders 
  • Hydrostatic test of cylinders 
Business Details
  • Sabunchu district
  • 95A The Central Street
  • New Ramana, Baku, AZ1128
  • Azerbaijan