Cryomech, Inc

Syracuse, NY, 13211, United States

Tel: +1 315 455 2555

Cryomech Inc

Cryomech is the trusted supplier for your cryocoolers equipment needs. Since 1963, Cryomech has been successful in cryogenics industry, providing hundreds of customers with Pulse Tube and Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers, Helium Recovery Systems, Liquid Nitrogen Plants and Custom-built Cryostats.

Today, Cryomech continues innovating, with the world’s largest 4K Pulse Tube (PT425) launched in 2021 and the 3K Pulse Tube (PT310) launched in 2022.

Industries we serve are Quantum Information Technology, Medical & Life Sciences, Clean Energy, and Low Temperature Physics including superconductor and materials research.

Our complete offering can be viewed on our website: or email us: [email protected]

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