Grugliasco (Torino), ITALY

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AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l. offers the most complete range of Telemetry System for Remote Monitoring applied in the medical, ultra-pure, pure and technical gases production and distribution world.

Making use of over 25 years of acknowledges and experience AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l. has been also developing a specific products line, including:
• Cryogenic tanks telemetry monitoring systems
• Compressed gas cylinders telemetry monitoring systems
• Local and remote alarm systems for medical gases distribution in pipeline
• Automatic change over systems for MiniBulks for supply in liquid and gas phase
• Monitoring and control system for cryopreservation
• Analyzers and fully automatic analysis platforms
• Weighing systems for cylinders and dewars

Technological innovation, investment in human resources, quality and reliability are the elements that distinguish us and lead us to reach advanced technical solutions to cope the specific necessities in the field of medical and industrial gases.

Currently AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l. counts among its customers the virtual totally of multinational groups engage in compressed and cryogenic gas applications, with cooperation in many countries in the world.

Business Details
  • Strada del Portone n°125 – 10095
  • Grugliasco (Torino)