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A-Gas International

A‑Gas is a world leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants and associated products and services. We distribute clean agent fire suppressants and blowing agents globally, in line with regional regulations. ...

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AMS Composite Cylinders Limited

We supply state of the art lightweight carbon composite cylinders. Our cylinders are used globally for applications such as: healthcare and ambulance oxygen, emergency breathing air, airline cabin safety, hydrogen fuel cells and speciality gases. ...

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Analox Sensor Technology

Analox Sensor Technology manufacture fixed and portable gas detection systems for commercial environments. Installed worldwide in bars, breweries, wineries, restaurants, stadiums and laboratories, our CO2 and O2 safety devices are synonymous with safety, security and reliability. ...

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Climalife -Dehon Group

Climalife is a key player in performance chemistry, developing innovative solutions and building special partnerships with professionals, producers, manufacturers, industrial firms, and distributors. Climalife offer their products and services worldwide. ...

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Helium Resources Limited

Helium Resources Limited is a private UK based company comprising of international geologists, geochemists, academics and investors activity exploring for commercial helium & hydrogen accumulations in Europe and beyond. ...

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OxygenWorldwide s.l.

OxygenWorldwide arranges medical oxygen for travellers in 120+ countries. Each customer support member speaks at least five languages, English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch on a 24/7 basis. ...

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PRO rare & pure gases GmbH

PRO rare & pure gases GmbH provides rare gases of highest purity for the high-tech industrial users and research. Our systems efficiently recover helium and can produce oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen as onsite installations. ...

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Sauer Compressors

Sauer Compressors is a medium-sized German group of companies which focusses on the development, production and sale of oil-lubricated and oil-free medium- and high-pressure compressors specializing in the compression of air and gases for various applications in the global gas industry. ...

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sbh4 GmbH

Let’s give it some gas! Global industrial gases consulting with a focus on business development, marketing and strategy. Specialty gases product and application expertise. M&A advisory to financial and industrial clients. ...

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STÖHR has specialized in engineering and manufacture of fittings for gases for ambient and cryogenic temperatures, comprising control or globe valves, check or relief valves and filters for challenging applications. STÖHR – Valves for the Extremes! ...

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VICI AG International

VICI is the leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom valves and fittings for GC and for Trace Gas Analysers and GC detectors for the analysis of most bulk, specialty, and electronics gases. ...

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