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Peak Industrial

With years of experience in the manufacturing of highly efficient and reliable gas generator technology, Peak Scientific’s growth and customer demand lead to the launch of Peak Industrial in 2011 – essentially the industrial arm of our business, set up to provide dedicated products, solutions & support for manufacturing & processing clients. We took our innovations & technological expertise in the scientific generator market and applied them to the complex needs of our industrial customers, the culmination of which was the i-Flow 6000 series nitrogen generator – a high flow, ultra-high purity, modular and expandable gas generation solution that is capable of meeting the application demands of vast industry sectors, such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Chemicals, Electronics, Metals, Plastics, Rubbers and many more.

With high-tech manufacturing and R&D facilities based in Scotland, where our headquarters reside, both the Industrial and Scientific arms of Peak benefit from the same talent pool of world class engineering, as well as our transnational reach. With major operations in North America, Europe and Asia, coupled with a strong presence on every continent, Peak amalgamates vast international knowledge with experience and truly offers an industry leading, unparalleled local service to customers on a global scale.

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