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Mid-West Instrument

Since 1958, Mid-West Instrument has been a leading manufacturer of differential pressure gauges, transmitters, and switches. Our company is family owned and operated from our facility located in Sterling Heights, MI.  

As we have grown, so has our global presence. You will find Mid-West® Instrument differential pressure gauges, switches, and transmitters in use on every continent! 

Our facilities are climate-controlled state of the art factory complete with the latest CNC machine tool technology, test equipment, calibrations standards, Oxygen clean room, and third party certified quality systems. This allows us to maintain precise tolerances and product quality. It also allows us to support 5-year warranties on most products. 

The team at Mid-West® Instrument is supported in the heritage of innovation. We work creatively to solve application issues for customers and continuously improve our quality, processes, and efficiencies. This has led to our industry best lead times for both standard and customized products. 

Tank Level Gauges for Cryogenic Tanks 

Diaphragm and Bellows type differential pressure instruments calibrated in weight or volume are effectively used in cryogenic tank level monitoring. Tanks can be stationery (vertical or horizontal) or they can be used in tanker transport vehicles. Most cryogenic instrumentation utilizes a “dry gauge” design where there is no internal liquid fill. This prevents any leaking or fouling of the tank system and no damage or accuracy issues due to liquid fill expansion when exposed to temperature shocks in cryogenic applications. 

  • 0-10” H2O to 0-800” H2O 
  • Safe working Pressures up to 1000 PSI 
  • Rugged construction Weatherproof design 
  • Common Applications: 
  • Pressurized Tank Level Monitoring 
  • Stationary Tanks – Horizontal or Vertical 
  • Tanker Transport 
  • For materials such as LOX, CO2, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Helium, Nitrogen Hydrogen and Argon 
  • Gauge, Switch and Transmitter Options 

Visit our Tank Level Gauges page 

Flow Meters for Gas Control Equipment 

Flow measurement gauges are accurate, reliable, and easy to read. 

  • Body materials of Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, and more depending on model. 
  • With or without switch / transmitter 
  • GPM, ACFM, SCFM, LBS/HR and more.  

Visit our Flow Measurement page 

The Mid-West® Instrument team is ready to serve and address any application you may have. 

Mid-West® Instrument differential pressure gauges, switches, or transmitters can be customized to the customer’s exact specifications. This makes it easier and faster for customers to install our products. Our flexible manufacturing and commitment to develop custom designs has positioned us as the preferred supplier to the OEM market.  

The entire team at Mid-West® Instrument is focused on customer service. Mid-West® is committed to getting the right product, shipped on time, when promised, and as ordered.    

What to Expect: 

  •  Knowledgeable customer service that can help select the best solution for your application.
  •  Highly customized products – Choice of gauge body materials, dial sizes, seals, and process connections.  Over 30 million combinations available.
  •  Shortest lead times in the industry.
  •  In house test and certification lab.
  •  Oxygen clean service.
  •  UL, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, KOSHA certifications.

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