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WEH Technologies Inc

The unmatched WEH product range of quick connectors for compressed gas filling applications stands for innovative designs ‘Made in Germany’. Over 40 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing gas connectors that meet the challenging requirements of the gas industry with regard to safety and durability have convinced customers worldwide to rely on WEH products.

At present, over 100,000 WEH® connectors are being used by major gas companies world-wide and attest to WEH’s quality and experience.

No matter which cylinder valve standard is needed – CGA 510, 540, 580, 870, 320, 346 or 347, the WEH product range of gas couplings caters for any demand. WEH Gas filling connectors for one cylinder filling, rack filling or palletized cylinder filling are equipped with the unique & patented WEH Clamping Jaws enabling a pressure-tight connection to the gas cylinder valve in just seconds. No tedious hand-tightening, no tapes or thread sealants – thus reducing repetitive strain injury risk (RSI) for the operator. Only push to connect and a secure and pressure-tight seal is established. Filling procedure can start immediately.

Engineered to fit many different cylinder valve configurations (male / female threads, pin index, with or without residual pressure valve), WEH Connectors reduce connection times, improve efficiency and increase the productivity of your gas filling processes.

Benefit from the unique features of WEH Gas Connectors:
–    Easy bail, lever or sleeve actuation
–    Unique WEH Clamping Jaws eliminate hand tightening
–    Safety peg to prevent accidental disconnection under pressure
–    Ease of maintenance thanks to compact construction
–    High quality material assuring durability and longevity

All quick connectors are subjected to extensive pressure and durability tests in our own testing laboratory and certified according to ISO 9001 to assure consistent quality.

An extensive range of accessories for gas filling applications completes the product portfolio – ranging from swivel joints, hoses to filters, check valves and linear valves.

The well-trained staff of WEH Technologies Inc., our Texas based US subsidiary, provides local service and technical support to our customers in North- and South-Amercia as well as Canada.

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