Vacuum Barrier Corporation

Woburn, MA, 01801, United States

Tel: +1 781 933 3570

Vacuum Barrier Corporation

VBC designs, engineers, and fabricates LN2 dosing and piping systems for Food, Beverage, Semiconductor, MBE, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Beer, Wine, Coffee and Cannabis industries – providing custom and standard solutions for all LN2 applications.

LN2 dosing
Our NITRODOSE® LN2 dosing systems pressurize thin-wall packages or displace O2 to extend product shelf-life.

LN2 piping
SEMIFLEX® VJ sealed and dynamic LN2 pipe delivers LN2 at bulk tank pressure in two-phase condition for on-demand supply.  SEMIFLEX/Triax LN2 pipe eliminates two-phase flow to all use points.

VBC is ISO 9001:2015 certified with a highly trained worldwide staff to assist with all your LN2 handling applications.

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