Val de Virvee, Gironde, 33240, France

Tel: +33 5579 40626


Family-owned French independent company, CHROMATOTEC develops, manufactures and sales scientific instrumentation since 1986.

Exclusively designed and made in France, our instruments are aimed at industry and environment markets.
They are used for the continuous monitoring of impurities at very low concentration levels in gases as certain atmospheric pollutants. They allow the analysis of ambient air quality and industrial air control.

Since 40 years on gas analysis market, Chromatotec is recognized all around the world for its leading-edge technology. The group realizes more than 90% of its activity at export and for this, it has received the Neo-Aquitain Export Award in 2018.

Chromatotec is certified ISO 9001 since 2014 and its products are recognized worldwide through different certifications.

Member of French Fab, Chromatotec is highly set up locally and is driven by the desire to minimize its impact on environment, by maintaining its production locally and by relying as much as possible on local providers.

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  • Val de Virvee, Gironde, 33240
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