AVK International A/S

Galten, DK-8464, Denmark

Tel: +45 8754 2100

AVK International A/S

Leaks can be fatal. That’s why AVK’s rigid quality control processes ensure reliable products that not only meet but also exceed the highest safety standards. All AVK valves are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art factories and a number of tests are carried out to safeguard the traceability, durability and operational reliability of our products.

The AVK Valve Installation Tracker gives you full traceability of your assets providing data of each valve installed, and the opportunity to review the quality of the installation.

AVK’s range includes gate valves, PE ball valves, service connection valves, butterfly valves, couplings and valve accessories.

Business Details
  • Bizonvej 1
  • Skovby
  • Galten, DK-8464
  • Denmark
  • Tel: +45 8754 2100